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PeakLogix Warehouse Design & Solutions Experts

PeakLogix, a subsidiary of Alta Equipment, has over 30 years of experience and thousands of successful projects completed nationwide. Headquartered just outside of historic Richmond, we are the premier choice for material handling integration projects. We offer customized, comprehensive warehouse solutions, including conventional and fully automated material handling approaches, from initial design to installation. Whether you’re building a distribution center or storage facility from the ground up or are looking for ways to make your existing operations more efficient, we can help.

Warehouse Automation

Automation can improve productivity and safety, while lowering costs, for any warehouse operation. By replacing manual processes with advanced technologies, including robotics and equipment and software automation, our customers have realized as much as 100% throughput gains using the same-sized workforce.

We help warehouses achieve greater throughput at lower costs, with a design that's engineered for growth, not only through the integration of advanced conveyor systems and pick modules, automated sortation and storage systems, robotic palletizers and lifts and other automated solutions. We also apply innovative strategies that focus on an optimized workforce and warehouse layout, reduced error rates, lowered shipping costs, and more.

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Warehouse Project Management

As a single-source provider, our teams of experienced project managers make any systems integration, equipment installation, warehouse decommission, or other warehouse project as efficient as possible. We are committed to providing the best customer experience throughout the process, from the initial discovery phases to the go-live date, and our lines of communication are always open. Our teams seamlessly integrate engineering, fabrication and field installation, and training into a single coordinated project to provide a customized, end-to-end service.

Maximize Space Utilization in Your Warehouse

An operation's success is largely determined by how well its space is used. Strategic design of your warehouse footprint, combined with the deliberate application of traditional, automated, and semi-automated storage solutions, will increase storage capacity, improve productivity, reduce bottlenecks, and create efficiencies.

By streamlining IT processes, space usage can be further increased, customer and order visibility maximized, and picking made more ergonomic and safer. At the same time, our advanced conveyor systems and similar goods-to-person innovations minimize the space required to store and retrieve items and reduce error rates, while increasing throughput.

We offer traditional pallet racking that's still an effective and economical solution to storing everything from heavy-duty, bulky materials to small eaches. But our automated and semi-automated racking solutions, like Pallet Runner®, can integrate deep-lane storage into a facility, to maximize storage density and increase worker productivity.

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